Who are we?

Oskar: My story

I'm a full time Digital Media Creative student at Hyper Island in Stockholm. I love to explore new areas within the digital world. Right now I'm working a lot with project management, teamwork and leadership. I grew up in Örebro, Sweden's 6th biggest city. But i quickly grew out of my role there and now I'm exploring the world. I love music, everything digital, entrepeneurship, teamwork, cooking (I have a certificate in thai cooking), traveling and using my creativity to help others.

When people ask me, who are you? I usually tell them that I am a very caring person driven by helping others and sharing my knowledge. It's deeply connected to who I am and what motivates me in my everyday life. Things I value in others and in my environment is that my opinion matters, honesty, passion and friendship. I aspire to create something bigger than myself, something that can grow and affect society in a good way.



Jonas: My story

Jonas is a multipreneur, communicator and catalyst. From the age of 13 he’s been involved in starting, managing and running companies. Jonas is passionate about building relationships, supporting entrepreneurs and helping people develop and create

He is the director of Startup Grind in Sweden and a builder of community ecosystems in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Sweden and globally.

He is the co-founder of a new social profit organization called Why5 for Life, he is the co-founder and former CEO of the destination tv-channel ON:Stockholm.

Jonas is very passionate about sustainable development and strive to combine his entrepreneurship with social and environmental progress. Some would call him a social entrepreneur.

Jonas has a long experience of supporting entrepreneurs and the development of companies from his time as Regional Director for Venture Cup.

He has several board member positions, for example for Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden.