What we do

Transformation workshops

Using different tools, methods and processes together with you, we do transformation workshops where we co-create the purpose and the content of the workshop together. We practice methods and processes with a human centered focus to help you build stronger relations within your organisation and with other organisations who are part of your community. We help organisations change the way they think about progress, success and competence with hands on experiences through co-created content.

Community building & supporting

Together with you, we build internal & external communities around your brand. We give you the tools to be able to start actively working with building your own community. Using our own communities and knowledge within community development, we support you in your work and help you scale your community and establish a solid platform. We can connect your organisation to relevant communities that we facilitate and put your organisation in the right context, opening up possibilities to establish long lasting relationships and realising valuable insights that helps your organisation to develop.

Community consulting

We help your organisation, from an external point of view, to build & facilitate communities in a project form. We help organisations who have already identified a problem or a gap in their businesses and want to focus on a specific part of their community. We offer inspirational talks, co-creation workshops and other programs that focuses on a specific problem within your community.

Meeting design

Together with you, we find the underlying problems & needs of the organisation. Based on that, we design meeting formats and processes that will guide and facilitate the type of community our clients are trying to develop. Together with your organisation we co-create values, rituals and storytelling mechanisms that will further cement your communities purpose.

Platform development

Working as community builders gives us a unique position to gather needs and problems in different market segments. Together with experienced developers and designers we build products, services and digital platforms that will help community builders to build and maintain relationships with their target audience. We constantly analyse and reflect on what type of services and products different markets are in need of. We have wide knowledge and data to validate startup ideas and help startups and entrepreneurs to further develop their concepts.

Process development

By combining knowledge within community building, creative thinking, service design and business transformation we develop tools, processes and methods to help communities to flourish. This extensive toolbox can be used to help your organisation better understand community development and why it's important. The toolbox can also be used to facilitate, maintain and educate emerging or existing communities. We also help you design and develop your processes and create unique methods that will help your organisation build a community around your brand.